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March 3, 2019
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March 18, 2019
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Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking

I love strawberry picking, I have since I was a child. Every year my family would go strawberry picking at Baugher’s Orchard in Westminster Maryland, and we all had a great time.

So when I had the chance to take my kids strawberry picking, I jumped on the opportunity. So on Friday, that is exactly what we did.

I packed all my kids in the car. Well not the baby he’s only two months old so he was not able to join. (Read more about our new baby here – Giving Birth)

The drive was scenic and took only an hour fifteen, but then we had arrived.

Strawberry Picking – Meshek 77 – Cost

Meshek 77 is in Tekuma, which can be found in between Netivot and Sderot and is a cute little Yeshuv. We arrived and paid for the picking.

A pint of strawberries costed 35 Shekel.

1/2 a paint of strawberries (for my 3 year old) was 25 shekel

They do offer a 50 shekel plan which includes a tractor ride and one type of food, but I’ll get there soon.

Bit was available in lieu of a credit card which was amazing and made the whole day simpler.

By the entrance they were selling all types of food like, cotton candy, Bedioun Pita, Pineapples, French Fries, popcorn, and more. Each food had it’s own cost and I paid with Bit as well!

Strawberry Picking – The Greenhouse

Unlike when I was a boy the strawberries were not growing on the ground but suspended from the ceiling. Not only were they suspended, but in order to make the strawberry picking experience more fun, they were also on an angle. This meant that the further back you went the lower the strawberries were.

This made it simple for even the youngest (my 3 year old) to pick on her own!

strawberry picking - Ayana

The kids had an amazing time, and we went home with so many delicious strawberries!

strawberry picking - Yahav

Strawberry Picking – The end

When we finished picking the strawberries, we sat by the entrance and ate. I bought cotton candy for 5 shekel and a fruit smoothie for 15 and everyone relaxed, ready for the drive home.

My favorite part was how they had a magnet photographer roaming around. In addition to the strawberries, we came home with two beautiful family pictures for the fridge!

If you are looking for something to do on a Friday go here!

On next Friday 22.03.2019 they are having a Shuk Purim which looks like it will be a blast! Check out their Facebook page and stay updated!

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