5 Playgrounds in Jerusalem

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September 5, 2018
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5 Playgrounds in Jerusalem

Playgrounds in Jerusalem - Park mexico 2

Playgrounds in Jerusalem, there are so many, so I am going to tell you about our five favorite playgrounds, the ones that my children always want to go.

I know it sounds like going to the park is phoning it in, but remember, this is about what the kids love, and they love the parks. So, when I look for a park that we love, I try to find one that works for all ages.


1. Park Mexico –¬†Playgrounds in Jerusalem

Park Mexico is is a beautiful playground in Ir Ganim – Kiryat Yovel.

Playground in Jerusalem - Park Mexico

With an amazing three tiered playground it keeps the children busy for hours. There is also a lower area which is meant only for younger kids, making it a great place for the whole family. Once you include the even lower areas which have a dog park and tennis courts you can’t go wrong here.

Plus the slides are a great opportunity for any dad to enjoy


2. Park Kiryat Menachem – Playgrounds in Jerusalem

This playground can be found at the edge of Kiryat Menachem and is slightly different from your average park

It has a huge slide that you can only get to via rope ladder, which makes getting the younger kids up there somewhat more difficult.

Playgrounds in Jerusalem - Ir Ganim

They still have plenty of swings and other things for kids to play with. While it is not as large as Park Mexico it still has plenty of room for kids to enjoy. I assume the bright yellow colors helps the kids want to go there as well.


3. Park Elmaliach – Playgrounds in Jerusalem

Hidden behind Teddy Stadium and the Arena this playground is great, with plenty of room to play in. There is a nice size green area as well to run around in and a large area where the kids can explore.

Playgrounds in Jerusalem - Park Elmaliach

There is even shade so that if you are lazy, or tired you can rest in the shade as your children slide their hearts out!


4. Gan Ein Yael – Playgrounds in Jerusalem

Ein Yael is by far the most special of the five playgrounds in Jerusalem. It does not have your traditional slides and swings. It has hills, climbing equipment, carousels and more non-traditional playground equipment. While the kids truly enjoy it there, they will be more active there than in other parks.

Playgrounds in Jerusalem - Gan ein Yael


So bring your kids there and let them discover new strengths, and ways to enjoy

5. Gan Hapa’amon – Playgrounds in Jerusalem

A classic no doubt, Gan Hapaamon which is located at the edge of Emek Refaim is a great playground. While it is built more for younger kids, the skate park their and green areas leave plenty for an older kid to do as well.

Playgrounds in Jerusalem - Gan Hapaamon


Honorary mention – Park teddy is a great place read more about it here

So, now that I’ve shared with you some of our favorite parks, what are yours?

Which do you love? Which did I miss?


What do the kids say?



9 year old


“My favorite is Park Mexico because I love the big slides”




7 year old


“Can we go back to the climbing park? I want to show you something!”




5 Year Old


“I want to go back to the Yellow Park”




2 Year Old


“I want to swing!”



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