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October 2, 2018
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October 8, 2018
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Pan Fried Salmon

Pan fried salmon

Pan Fried Salmon is an amazingly easy dish to prepare that looks like you know how to cook.

But I’m jumping ahead.

After work I come home and prepare dinner. There¬† are days when I can’t spend to much effort on dinner and for that there are hot dogs, fish sticks, pasta etc.

Sometimes I feel bad though, my children deserve a healthy tasty dinner even if I am lazy.

Pan Fried Salmon, is a great meal that is simple to make and is healthy. Especially when I serve it with a side of Israeli salad and white rice.

Overwhelmed? See how to make white rice and Israeli salad here

Israeli Salad

Pan Fried Salmon – Prep

The prep is easy and takes a few minutes.

First, if you are using fresh salmon it will always dome out better. Since I do not always have access, or money, for fresh salmon, I will often buy it frozen. I pick it up at work and by the time I am home it is already defrosted enough to use.

Now, take the skin off. This can be done simply by pulling the skin off of the salmon.

Next, cut the salmon into slices and place them in a container. Add in:

  • A dash of pepper
  • A spoon or two of olive oil
  • Crushed garlic

Pan fried salmon depends on the crushed garlic so figure a clove or so should be crushed. Sometimes, I will buy a jar of crushed garlic and use that since it’s faster and easier

Pan Fried Salmon - Prep

Note: I did not take off the skin here. It’s better if you do

Next prepare the pan. If you have a a grill fry pan, that is best. A regular frying pan will work as well.

I place coarse salt in the corners of the pan and turn the fire on high.

Pan Fried Salmon - Salt

After a few minutes lower the heat and then place the fresh basil on the frying pan.

Pan Fried Salmon - Basil

Pan Fried Salmon – The Frying

Remember, the flame should be lower so that the outside does not burn.

Place the fish on the fresh basil

Pan Fried Salmon - Frying

Let it fry until on both sides until you start seeing the salmon changing colors. I like to turn up the heat a little near the end so that it gets a little crispy and brown.


However you like it, when it’s ready serve it immediately.¬† It’s best when served immediately.

Pan fried salmon - done


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