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Gan B’Ivrit

Gan B'Ivrit - Letter slide

Gan B’Ivrit in Rishon Letzion simply put is a playground, but it is not simply a playground.

The kids love this place, not just because of the expanse but also because the amount of things they are able to do there.

This is a place where the kids constantly want  me to bring them.

So, I pack them in the car and we talk them for the hour drive to the park.

Why is it so great?

Let me start at the end.

Gan B’Ivrit – The Playground

When we go there, I like to take them to the end of the park first so that we can work our way back to the car. That means starting at the large play area over the hill.

The walk from the parking lot is beautiful. After passing a hill with letters and a wall  with words they can play with, we come to a  large coy pond.

Gan B'Ivrit - Coy Pond

The pond already occupies my kids. They love watching the fish and running along the edge. When they finish we get to the play area, and it is huge!

First, there is a large swing area with several different types of swings.

Gan B'Ivrit - Swings

After the swings, there are about ten different slides with stairs, ladders, and bridges that everyone played on.

Gan B'Ivrit - Slides

In addition to the zip line there is a large rope pyramid. Here I got to sit back and relax as I watched my  children climb up a rope pyramid. I also got to climb it myself. Being a dad is one of the best reasons that an adult man has to go play in a playground again.

As a dad, there is nothing more amazing than watching your kids fearlessly climb to the top, and then beg you to help them down.

Gan B'Ivrit - Rope Pyramid

Finally, at the end of this large play area is a fun maze that the kids love.

Gan B'Ivrit - Maze


But that’s not all!

When they are done, or I am, we go back to the start.

Gan B’Ivrit – Toddlers

By the entrance to the park is an exercise park and a large, entirely shaded area meant specifically for little kids, five and under.

Gan B'Ivrit - Toddlers


While my youngest plays, the older kids get to play in the sprinklers that are right outside.

Gan B'Ivrit - Sprinklers

During  peak season they also had the merry go round running.

After we changed clothes and got them back in the car we headed home.

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What do the kids say?



10 year old


“The sprinklers are the most fun part, but I also love the slides”




7 year old


“The maze is a lot of fun, and the sprinklers are great.”




5 Year Old


“Did you see how high I climbed on the ropes (rope pyramid)? I got to the top!”




2 Year Old


“I’m not tired at all!”







Dad of four living in Israel. Being a dad is an insane roller coaster that never ends, plus a lot of people throw up. I like finding things to laugh at in the day to day and usually that means laughing at myself.

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