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August 29, 2018
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Dad in Israel

Kids on me

Welcome, to Dad in Israel!

In case the name of my blog was confusing I would like to break it down for you. I am a dad and I live in Israel.

I am the father of four beautiful children and I try my best. As an active dad I take my kids on trips, to the park, basically anywhere, so that my wife can have a little peace and quiet. Yes, that’s right, I take all four kids away by myself. For the most part, I do not bring my wife on our trips.


  1. I am their father, and I deserve quality time with them just like they deserve quality time with them.
  2. We all need a break sometime, and that is fine. My job as a husband is to make my wife’s life as easy as possible. Sometimes, making her life easier means making mine more difficult, but that is what love is about.
  3. I enjoy going out, and kids are the best reason for a grown man to be playing in a playground.

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So, now that you know a bit about what this blog will be about, what is the point?

I believe, that we as dads have the ability to step it up, to be an active part of our family unit. Society has told us that bringing home the bacon is enough, but it’s not. Nothing will change unless we want it to.

So, I will be blogging about my successes and failures of being an active dad. I’ll be writing about trips I take, foods I bake, tips I discover, and encouragement.

My dream is to build a community of active dads in which we can encourage each other, share ideas, and help other dads we know to be more active as well.

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Dad of four living in Israel. Being a dad is an insane roller coaster that never ends, plus a lot of people throw up. I like finding things to laugh at in the day to day and usually that means laughing at myself.

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