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Being a Dad
October 16, 2018
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November 5, 2018
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You Need Dad Time

Dad Time - Feature

Dad time, it’s the time at the end of a day that you take to unwind. It may be 15 minutes or more, to each their own, but it’s a time designated for regaining your sanity. Dad time is an important part of being a dad. First, accept the fact that you need time to relax and regroup after a long day of taking care of your kids, house, and everything else. Second , find that way to unwind.

But, sometimes, dad time can’t wait for the end of the day. So, here are a few signs that may indicate you desperately need some dad time.

Signs that you need Dad Time

  1. You drive to or from work, there are no kids in the car but when you arrive at your destination you realize that you have been listening to a kids CD the while time. Bonus if you find that you not only listened to the kids CD on the drive over but sang along as well. Dad Time - Singing in the Car
  2. While you  are out in some public place you hear a baby cry, automatically reach into your pocket, and pull out a pacifier before you realize that your child isn’t even around.Dad Time - Pacifiers
  3.  You find yourself starting off sentences like: “My kid did the funniest thing yesterday”, “It’s just like the thing my daughter did” or the like in the middle of a business meeting.Dad Time - Look at my kids.
  4. You wake up in the middle of the night realizing that you were dreaming about waking up. Bonus points if you woke because in the dream you stepped on legos on your kids floor.Dad Time - Nightmare
  5.   When was the time that you ate a meal that did not consist of your kids leftovers? Can’t remember? Then you need dad time!
    Dad Time - Kids Leftovers

If you have experienced any of the above signs you probably could use some Dad time.

So figure out a way to get away for an hour or two. Ask your significant other for help because asking for help is ok. It’s time to enjoy some dad time and relax before you go back into the fray.

So, feel free to tell me other signs that you need dad time, or how you spend it!

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Dad of four living in Israel. Being a dad is an insane roller coaster that never ends, plus a lot of people throw up. I like finding things to laugh at in the day to day and usually that means laughing at myself.

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