Ancient Shiloh – Fun in the Sun

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September 17, 2018
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Ancient Shiloh – Fun in the Sun

Ancient Shiloh

Today we went to ancient Shiloh, a fun archeological site found next to Shiloh in Binyamin. Before leaving the house, the most important part was timing, and today I got it down pat! My 2 year old slept in the car, meaning she got her nap and arrived with renewed energy. That’s called #winning.

We had about an hour drive to get there and arrived t around 12:30.

Warning: This activity is not free!

Ancient Shiloh - Prices


Ancient Shiloh – The beginning

We bought our tickets and went in following the map that we were given. Quickly we saw the bouncy castles which my 5 year old immediately wanted to go to, but I pushed her off saying that if we followed the path we will get there in the end. Big Mistake! Go with their flow, there is plenty to do and plenty of time. Let them enjoy.

Ancient Shiloh – The Hologram

One of the first places that we went to was the Hologram of the Mishkan. It was nice and beautiful, only six minutes long which was nice. Before it begin though, make sure your kids are near you, because it is pitch black once it all begins. Once that ended we continued on to the next area which had a stage performance. While the kids where intrigued by the performance, they preferred to go outside to shoot bows and arrows.

Bows and Arrows

Ancient Shiloh - bows and arrows

Man did they enjoy that! There wasn’t really anyone instructing or directing so it was a bit of a free for all. Luckily there were plenty of bows and arrows to go around so my three eldest had a great time. After dragging them away we continued on our trek. At this point my kids began to complain about the heat and the walking, so come prepared! Make sure you have water, hats, and sunscreen, there is a lot of sun, and not a lot of shade.


Ancient Shilo – The Movie

We did not see the movie. I am told that it is a must see, but when we got to the top of the hill we still had a forty minute wait before it was our turn to see the movie. With four kids? Not even God has that kind of patience! Yes, we could have timed it better, but I did not…moving on. We climbed down the hill and finally made it to the kids activities.

Kids Activities

The kids had a blast! There were bouncy castles, only for the younger kids (causing my 7 year old to get quite upset) but there were plenty more things to do. My 7 year old played the magnetic darts. They all played with the Darbukot.

Ancient Shiloh - drum circle

They had an amazing petting zoo in which you could get hands on with bunnies, hamsters, turtles, birds, and more!

Ancient Shiloh - Petting zoo


Outdoor bowling was fun, and no one cheated.Ancient Shiloh - Bowling

We blew Shofars.

Ancient Shiloh - Blowing it

There were a load of craft activities that we skipped at the end.

All in all it was a successful trip. We spent about two and a half hours there, but if we had planned better we probably could have easily spent an hour more.

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What do the kids say?



10 year old


“My favorite part was blowing the shofar and the bunnies”




7 year old


“I loved playing with bird and the dart game!”




5 Year Old


“I want to shoot the bow and arrow…I did it all by myself.”




2 Year Old


“Bunnies are fun but scary”






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